Heavy footage of Vietnam War because it was going on at same time album was made. Also the album has Freedom Rider song, ditto.

Traffic John Barleycorn Must Die [Re-upload] (full album) (VINYL)
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Published on Aug 15, 2016


John Barleycorn Must Die
United Artists UAS 5504

Side One
Glad 6:32
Freedom Rider 6:20
Empty Pages 4:47

Side Two
Stranger To Himself 4:02
John Barleycorn 6:20
Every Mother's Son 7:05

Released July 1970

NOTE: This is a do-over. Someone pointed out an audio error and this is the fixed version.

The album put out by the reformed Traffic, minus Dave Mason.

I honestly love this record. It's an album that one easily forgets about, then when you listen to it you're instantly reminded of just how good it is.

Strong songwriting, some interesting instrumental forays, and a beautiful arrangement and performance of the traditional British folk song/cautionary tale/wry observation, "John Barleycorn."

JBMD has obvious progressive rock tendencies, yet doesn't ever make one feel as though the rock idiom has been left behind. Steve Winwood's voice, always a winner, feels uniquely suited to this collection of songs. (Perhaps it's not totally coincidental that the one instrumental, "Glad," is the weakest track on the album.)

From what I read, the critical reception to this album wasn't very favorable. I totally don't understand that. JBMD is a near-classic.

The visuals are some videos and facts and figures about some newsworthy/prominent stuff in 1970, when JBMD was released.

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BBE preamp
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Lokomiusek | 1 year ago
Many thanks for sharing! Here's the separate tracklisting with its timing in the video for more convenience: 1. Glad 00:10 2. Freedom Rider 07:06 3. Empty Pages 12:33 4. Stranger To Himself 17:16 5. John Barleycorn 21:11 6. Every Mother's Son 27:35

Beth McCormack | 1 year ago
exquisite technical and creative masterpiece. <3

snv648 | 1 year ago
Thanks for the do over.

Rajah Batabamboom | 9 months ago
Thank you SO much for sharing this jewel!

Ricky Coleman | 1 year ago
I was so taken with this album when it was released. I can still listen as if it is new. Thanks for uploading!

cinnamon girl | 8 months ago
Impossible to keep still when I hear "Glad"!!!!!

Amy Kazane | 10 months ago
just great, man

fj4x4pete | 1 year ago
Man This whole album rocks! I really like the rock music from the late sixties to the late seventies.

SomeGirls | 1 year ago
lol - my dad bought the catalina that year--always pontiacs

a thought | 1 week ago
That's so cool how we bomb countries into democracy!