Everything's Coming Our Way ~ Santana
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Published on Jun 13, 2009


Santana III 1979

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Malissa Severson | 1 year ago
This song makes me feel like I can take on the world. It is so uplifting.

Ruben Delgadillo | 11 months ago
Such an underrated song by Santana!

TrueBlueSue49 | 3 years ago
Everything's Coming Our Way ~ Santana

Jonathan Gomez | 3 years ago
This is actually Carlos Santana on lead vocals. I don't know why he didn't sang on more songs, he actually has a decent voice.

German Bautista | 2 years ago
Change the description this is from '71.

Cynthia Sweigart | 3 years ago
Everything is coming our way Best Santana song ever!!!

mark castillo | 1 year ago
Great memories of high school 1980's. Love the vocals,Carlos kicks ass

Lucky P | 4 years ago
I love this song. I was 5 years old when this came out. The percussion is great. Carlos on guitar is fantastic.

Nick Maxwell | 2 years ago
this was and still is one of my favorite groups. I just love the Latin percussion!! Carlos is a music icon!!!!

holmeed | 3 years ago
now how could 11 people think this is bad? GOLD